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An easily overlooked aspect of compassionate engineering process is dissemination.

“Whether dissemination takes place in academic venues (e.g. journals, conferences, university classrooms, etc.), traditional media (e.g. television, newspaper, etc.) or social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), the outcomes of a compassionate engineering endeavor should be shared to contribute to generalizable knowledge, raise awareness of important issues, and highlight lessons learned. Effective dissemination can also lead to funding and generate the critical mass needed to sustain adoption and future work. This dissemination process should always be respectful of the partner communities, and include the voices of the disempowered in respectful ways.”

Source: M. Bernardine Dias, E. A. Teves, and M. Beatrice Dias, “Towards technology with a global heart through compassionate engineering,” in 2015 Conference on Raising Awareness for the Societal and Environmental Role of Engineering and (Re)Training Engineers for Participatory Design (Engineering4Society), 2015, pp. 96–100.

To that end, our Compassionate Engineers put together a short video early into their field visit introducing the world to the Mathru School for the Blind.

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