Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Nine weeks flew by for our Compassionate Engineers at the Mathru School for the Blind. In the final days of their internship, even though they were busy with wrap up work, they took some time to show their appreciation for the people of Mathru, who were essential in the success of the Braille Tutor to comparative user study. One way they showed their appreciation was through gifts, which including items as simple as US coins!

From @istepindia Instagram account: “Pile o’ presents! The team takes a break from all our wrap up work to wrap gifts for all the teachers and staff at the Mathru School and the Mathru Center 🙂 so grateful for all the love they have shown us all summer!”

TechBridgeWorld and our Compassionate Engineers also hosted a lunch at the Mathru School for the Blind. All summer-long, Mathru had lovingly fed our Compassionate Engineers with delicious South Indian food!

Lunch at the Mathru School for the Blind

Another way our Compassionate Engineers showed love and appreciation for Mathru was by assisting them in tasks outside the scope of the research. For example, during the user study, our student researchers provided computer training to Mathru teachers and took photos and videos of their institution so that the school could use the media on their website and for promotional purposes. These tasks were not very difficult or time consuming for the students, yet it went a long way in building trust and rapport with Mathru.

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