As mentioned in our previous post, our Braille Tutor comparative user study utilized non-traditional tools for evaluation since we were working with a small school. We conducted two evaluations, one during the middle of the study (September 2015), and one after the study ended (February 2016). The TechBridgeWorld Founder and Director worked closely with the TechBridgeWorld Project Manager to plan these evaluations and craft data reporting templates, which would feed into the questions we were researching for this study. We demonstrated love for our partner by an evaluation plan and templates that respected the constraints of our partner. That is, we designed our plan so that the implementation would be as straightforward as possible and not burdensome to Mathru, especially since they were conducting school exams during the evaluations.

A Mathru teacher with her students

The TechBridgeWorld Project Manager then consulted with the Mathru Project Manager to finalize the evaluation plan and templates. This step was important because we wanted to get the Project Manager’s feedback and buy-in on the evaluation plan. As a result, a Word Doc questionnaire was developed to learn how teachers utilize the Braille Tutor devices in the classroom. This questionnaire was administered by the Mathru Project Manager. A Word Doc survey was also developed to learn what the teachers thought about the Braille Tutor devices, if it is useful to them and their students, and if they had and any suggestions or recommendations for improving the devices. This survey was also administered by the Mathru Project Manager. Phone interviews were scheduled between the TechBridgeWorld Project Manager and Mathru teachers to learn more about love and forgiveness and how it manifested in the study thus far. The final evaluation utilized similar data collection templates so as to observe the difference between the mid-study evaluation and the final evaluation.

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