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After launching and implementing the Braille Tutor comparative user study at Mathru, the student researchers presented their summer’s work with Mathru to engineering students at PES University in Bangalore, India. Over 100+ students attended. The presentation was organized by a PES engineering professor and Carnegie Mellon University alumna.

Our Compassionate Engineers (in TechBridgeWorld t-shirts!) with a PES professor

As a result of this presentation, the PES professor reached out to TechBridgeWorld and Mathru to explore how PES students can continue the work of TechBridgeWorld at Mathru and how PES can assist Mathru in other areas. Regarding her students, the professor said that many are looking for flashy projects/jobs and do not tend to take compassionate engineering projects seriously. Since our student researchers were highlighting compassionate engineering, TechBridgeWorld hopes that this encouraged PES students to take part in compassionate engineering projects. In fact, the professor identified two PES students who were especially interested in doing projects with Mathru. They had previously done projects with the visually impaired and particularly on braille recognition. The professor is conducting a capstone project for the Spring 2016 semester that will focus on enhancing an existing tool TechBridgeWorld developed for Mathru’s Center for Deaf and Multiple Disabilities as well as the SABT at the Mathru School.

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