The Importance of Sustainability

Sustainability is an important aspect of TechBridgeWorld’s work with technologically underserved communities. Sustainability is a product of love and forgiveness because it means that we truly understood a community’s needs and the community took ownership of the solution(s) developed.

Halfway into the first nine weeks of the Braille Tutor user study, TechBridgeWorld and our Compassionate Engineers started to think about how the Mathru School could sustain the study on their own after the students left India. At this point, the teachers had organically integrated the Braille Tutor devices into the classroom and their curriculum. With help from the student researchers, Mathru teachers and staff developed their own data reporting spreadsheet of the school’s Braille Tutor usage. A physical copy of this spreadsheet was to be updated frequently by the Mathru Project Manager. An electronic copy of this spreadsheet was uploaded to Google Docs to be maintained by the Mathru Project Manager. This would allow TechBridgeWorld to observe the Braille Tutor usage at Mathru remotely.

Students use the SABTs in class

Furthermore, Mathru teachers and staff collaborated with our Compassionate Engineers to develop a device check out and battery charging system. This system would ensure that the Braille Tutor devices were sufficiently charged, available to as many teachers as possible, and accounted for. Below is a short video of a teacher checking out an SABT for her class and checking it back in.

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