Meet Mr. Abhish*

*Name changed for confidentiality

Mr. Abhish is a teacher at the Mathru School for the Blind. Completely blind, he joined the Mathru School for the Blind in 2013 because he wanted to teach computer literacy to blind children. He teaches computer skills to students at the Mathru School for the Blind from 3rd standard and above. He also utilizes the Braille Writing Tutors during his classes, since he can connect the devices to the lab computers.

Mr. Abhish is the computer lab instructor at the Mathru School for the Blind. He is blind, but is incredibly well versed in technology from wiping viruses to reinstalling operating systems.

Mr. Abhish learned about the Braille Tutor devices at the Mathru School and took the initiative to visit our website, where he learned that our devices were introduced to organizations in other countries such as Bangladesh. Like many of the teachers at the Mathru School, Mr. Abhish is open about providing feedback about the devices in order to improve it. He even had some technical questions about the Braille Writing Tutor and e-mailed TechBridgeWorld to learn more. While Mr. Abhish is happy that the tutors are available at the Mathru School, he believes that the tutors are necessary for all blind children around the world.

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