The Braille Writing Tutor


TechBridgeWorld’s collaboration with the Mathru School for the Blind resulted in the creation of the Braille Writing Tutor (BWT), a low-cost tutoring device that addresses challenges described in the previous blog post such as delayed feedback on what was written, high expense of braille paper, as well as lack of student motivation to learn braille.

The Braille Writing Tutor juxtaposed with a small braille slate and stylus.

As the student writes on the BWT’s electronic slate with a regular stylus, the teacher and student can immediately hear what is being written. Teachers often have several students to attend to in a class period, so the student can independently receive guidance and correct mistakes from the tutor.

To address the challenges of power failures and lack of reliable access to computers in developing communities, TechBridgeWorld developed the Stand-Alone Braille Writing Tutor (SABT), which is battery-powered and has onboard computing. Teachers can choose between the SABT’s three tactile user interfaces (primary, intermediate and advanced) to match the skill level of their student. The Mathru School has consistently been using the Braille Tutor devices (BWT and SABT) in the classroom since the BWT was introduced in 2006 and the SABT in 2013.

The Stand-Alone Braille Writing Tutor and it’s three swappable interface. From right to left, primary interface, intermediate interface, and advanced interface.

Watch the below to learn more about TechBridgeWorld’s BWT and SABT. This video was submitted to the Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation organized by the National Braille Press. Our devices won the 2014 prize! The video was also designed to be accessible for a visually impaired audience.

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